PerkleBot: Our Discord Bot Now Interacts with Smart Contracts

by Jialin Luh on June 14, 2019


We’ve added some new capabilities to PerkleBot, our blockchain-integrated Discord bot built using Discord’s API and Esprezzo middleware libraries. Now in addition to tipping, creating and managing Discord crypto wallets and getting up-to-date network stats, Esprezzo community members can interact with tokens and smart contracts on the Perkle blockchain without leaving Discord. At the same time this update is also helping us test the underlying code connecting the Perkle blockchain to the Esprezzo Network.

PerkleBot is an example of a product you’ll be able to build using Esprezzo’s tools. We used Elixir to build the bot. The bot’s functions can be broken down into several categories:

  • static information (node, mining pool and block explorer lists)
  • live blockchain/network statistics
  • current exchange rates
  • Discord wallet creation and management for PRKL
  • tipping fellow Esprezzo Discord server members
And now, PerkleBot also has the ability to interact with tokens that sit on top of blockchains as well as the smart contracts that manage them. If you’re interested in these new functions, skip ahead to Interacting with Tokens.

Here’s a guide outlining everything PerkleBot can do right now. If you have questions or additional features you’d like to see, join the Esprezzo Discord server where the team and community are available to help!

Are you a developer interested in experimenting with building applications that talk to blockchains? Please consider joining our private beta; it's free!

The Basics

Get the latest information on the Perkle network, learn how to create PRKL wallets and more.

!stats View current Perkle network stats
!pools Get a list of Perkle mining pools
!explorer Get a list of Perkle block explorers
!wallet Learn how to create a PRKL
!nodes View a list of publicly available nodes for use with MyEtherWallet, etc.
!price Shows PRKL stats on exchanges — last price, 24 hour high, 24 hour low


Discord Wallet

PerkleBot can create a wallet address for you right on Discord! For security purposes, we do recommend a cold storage solution for significant/long-term holdings; the Discord wallet is fun for tipping helpful team members, and of course receiving tips. If you’re new to crypto wallets, this is a good introduction (just take Gartner’s fiat recommendations with a grain of salt).

Create a PRKL Discord wallet for tipping, mining, etc.

!perkle register

PerkleBot creates your wallet and shows you your PRKL address as well as some helpful tips to get started.

Get your PRKL Discord wallet address

!perkle address

PerkleBot sends you your PRKL Discord wallet in DM. A quick way to retrieve your address.

View your PRKL balance

!perkle balance

PerkleBot sends a DM with the amount of PRKL you have in your Discord wallet.

View the balance of any PRKL address

!perkle balance [address]

Example: !perkle balance 0x5775c956fcb0ab8b1493b89d2979806bc611a91a

PerkleBot sends a DM with the balance for the specified address.

Send PRKL from your Discord wallet to any address

You can send PRKL to wallets and smart contracts.

!perkle send [address]

Example: !perkle send 0x9b42a9cb3b96ee7631153782cb2d4b746bb8db8f 2

PerkleBot sends a DM with a confirmation and link you can click to view the transaction on the block explorer.

Send PRKL to another Discord member

!perkle tip [@username] [amount]

Example: !perkle tip @p3rk0 20

PerkleBot sends a DM with a confirmation and link to view the transaction on the block explorer.

Make it rain!

Airdrop PRKL to a random number of users. You provide the amount of PRKL you want to give away, and PerkleBot splits that amount among a random number of Discord members. You must be in the channel you want to make the airdrop in when you type the command.

!perkle makeitrain [amount]

Example: !perkle tip @p3rk0 20

PerkleBot sends DMs with (blue) links to each transaction on the block explorer:

PerkleBot Make It Rain DMs with transactions

What's shown in the channel:

PerkleBot Make It Rain message


Interacting with tokens

To test interactions with tokens that sit at the application layer on top of the Perkle blockchain, we created BFT — a precursor to our Beta Fuel Token, which will be used to meter usage of the Esprezzo platform during the private beta. BFT can be acquired by sending PRKL to a smart contract that dispenses BFT in exchange for PRKL (hint: join our Discord server and type !help to get the contract address).

Inspect a token on the Perkle network

!token [token symbol]

Example: !token bft

PerkleBot displays the contract address for the token, divisibility, supply and contract type.

PerkleBot token stats

View the token balance in your PRKL Discord wallet

!token balance [token-name]

Example: !token balance bft

PerkleBot sends you your balance privately via DM.

Send tokens to another Discord user

You must be in a Discord channel with the user you want to tip.

!token balance [token-name]

Example: !token balance bft

What's displayed in the Discord channel:

Screenshot of PerkleBot tipping a user in BFT on Discord

Clickable link to the transaction on the block explorer is sent via DM:

Screenshot 2019-06-13 17.30.02

Transfer tokens to a Perkle address

!token transfer [address] [amount] [token symbol]

Example: !token transfer 0x51675C736A33E4D32E5e338D4f0e2b03eC70839b 20 bft

PerkleBot DMs you with a link to the transaction on the block explorer.


Join us on Discord and play with PerkleBot! Let us know what other features you’d like to see.  And if you’re interested in playing with our API to build something like PerkleBot or another application that interacts with blockchains, make sure to join our private beta.

Join the beta waitlist!

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Jialin Luh
Jialin Luh

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