GoChain and Esprezzo Partnership Expands Tool Offerings for Developers

by Esprezzo Team on September 17, 2018

We’re excited today to announce our partnership with GoChain, adding GoChain to Esprezzo’s selection of supported blockchains to offer additional choice for developers building value-creating, blockchain-integrated products.

Esprezzo’s mission is to empower developers and organizations to quickly build smarter, faster blockchain apps to grow their next gen businesses. We aim to do that with our mobile and web development platform by offering tools that make it easier to develop on leading blockchains such as GoChain.

GoChain is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain and cryptocurrency whose mission is to provide a scalable, low-cost, energy-efficient platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. In addition to addressing speed and energy consumption, GoChain aims to increase the real-world value of smart contracts with the ability to alter, pause or terminate them as conditions or terms change.

GoChain and Esprezzo CEOs

"I'd like to formally announce a partnership with Esprezzo, a true middleware firm that's going to be a fantastic addition to the GoChain ecosystem. I think it's really going to change how dApps are built. Esprezzo allows anybody to build apps in any programming language to deploy on GoChain," said GoChain CEO Jason Dekker. "It will really make it seamless and easy for any individuals, companies, or large enterprises to build on top of GoChain. Remy has built an amazing team and he's got an amazing middleware solution that we're really really happy to have on our platform."

Said Esprezzo CEO & Co-Founder Remy Carpinito: “We’re excited to officially welcome GoChain to Esprezzo’s family of supported blockchains. After speaking with GoChain’s team about their technology and experience building and launching distributed cloud software, it was clearly a natural fit for Esprezzo to extend our toolset to GoChain. We look forward to providing developers with the tools they need to build on GoChain as we continue to provide the ultimate choice when it comes to building blockchain apps.” 

GoChain and Esprezzo share the desire to help developers and businesses realize the benefits of blockchain and we look forward to enabling more developers to turn their innovative ideas into user-friendly products together.


About GoChain

GoChain is a scalable, high- performance, low-cost, and decentralized cryptocurrency and blockchain that supports smart contracts and distributed applications. GoChain uses a Proof of Reputation (PoR) consensus model that depends on the reputation of its participants to keep the network secure. It’s 100% ETH compatibility allows any current projects to ‘lift and shift’ to GoChain with zero code changes to be 10x more decentralized, 100x faster, and 1000x greener. Learn more about GoChain at gochain.io.

About Esprezzo

Esprezzo’s mission is to democratize blockchain app development, making it seamless for businesses, organizations and modern product developers to build data-rich web and mobile products that integrate with leading blockchains. Esprezzo’s mobile and web development platform and tools empower developers and organizations to quickly build smarter, faster blockchain apps and grow their next gen business businesses. Learn more about Esprezzo at esprezzo.io.


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Esprezzo Team
Esprezzo Team

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