Perkle: Year 1 Update

by Alan W on October 21, 2019


We started the Perkle Network 1 year ago today as the layer 1 foundation on which to build the greater Esprezzo ecosystem. This is true in a technical and community-oriented sense: the act of building and growing a decentralized network through cooperation of miners, developers and community participation is at the core of the emerging culture of our business. While we embarked on this a year ago today, it was by no means the beginning of Esprezzo.

When Remy and I decided to pivot full time into the blockchain space from CampusTap, we looked at the landscape as it was then and decided that there were several promising layer 1 protocols taking shape, and we wanted to focus on helping empower developers to feel more "free" to realize their ideas in this space. Our previous efforts have been focused on creating elegant user experiences and helping get technology "out of the way"; too often technical products have a prohibitive learning curve or treat design as an afterthought.

Perkle Network Updates

The Perkle network is and will continue to be the epicenter of the Esprezzo ecosystem. As a developer that spends most of my time writing software that targets the greater Ethereum protocol as opposed to a single network, I was not content to be bogged down using unreliable testnets or expensive networks like Ethereum mainnet for day-to-day development. With Perkle we have a network that is growing with our suite of products and with us as a company, while allowing us to stay completely compatible with various other general purpose and domain-specific networks.

We consider our network a service offering, and for now stability, compatibility and community engagement remain the core goals. We will be updating the node software in Q1 2020, but at this time we don't plan on making any drastic changes to the core protocol, we feel our time is better spent building more impactful products to draw more users into the ecosystem while continuing to strengthen the underlying network.

As I'm writing this, Perkle has passed 2.4M blocks with 228,131 transactions and 923 addresses created.

Layer 2 Tech

Over the last few years we have developed stable full-featured tooling and libraries to interface with Perkle and other Ethereum-compatible blockchains. These are used to power our SaaS and open source developer tools which presently target Perkle and Ethereum but we aren't stopping there. Our blockchain-integrated rapid application development framework leverages these libraries and enables developers to easily interface with a growing number of decentralized networks.

As some of you know, participants in the developer beta will be deploying smart contracts on Perkle, with Perkle being the first network supported by the Esprezzo platform, followed by Ethereum and other blockchains based on demand.

Explore our Open Source Elixir/Erlang Libraries:


Comprehensive access to Perkle JSON-RPC interface + smart contract deployment/management


Comprehensive access to Ethereum JSON-RPC interface + smart contract deployment/management


Live Products:

Perkle Blockchain

Full node software on Github

Esprezzo Blockchain Explorer for Perkle

The official block explorer for viewing Perkle network activity, transactions, block and address details. On the roadmap: Ethereum support and contract views.

PerkleBot Discord Bot

Tip fellow server members, create and manage crypto wallets, get network stats and interact with smart contracts directly from Discord. Join our Discord server to play with PerkleBot!

Perkle Mining Pool - view on Github


Current Focus: Esprezzo SaaS Platform

Our flagship managed platform will provide a consistent cross-chain API with idiomatic patterns to access and manage a growing library of smart contracts. The Esprezzo platform will offer other application "building blocks" including

  • No-code smart contract templates
  • Off-chain unstructured data repositories
  • Managed oracle feeder/smart contract data storage
  • Application dashboard
  • Front-end application templates
  • Turnkey authentication
  • Multi-network wallet

We've been working on our multi-network wallet/key management solution, which is capable of handling thousands of wallets across hundreds of cryptocurrencies. We achieve this using metaprogramming and concurrent isolated processes for each network monitor. We are working with a partner to further develop and test this solution with the goal of announcing the partnership next year.

We have put a lot of effort into building foundational tools to give us a competitive edge going forward. We are constantly finding new ways to engage companies that want to operate on the bleeding edge and we continue to explore emerging tech in the decentralized computing space. If you’re building blockchain-integrated products and want to test and provide feedback on our tools, check out Esprezzo Dispatch and subscribe to our mailing list!

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Alan W
Alan W

CTO and Co-Founder of Esprezzo. Alan leads software development, platform architecture and technology strategy at Esprezzo. He is a proponent of decentralized computing and finance, having worked with and contributed to several popular open source blockchain projects. Alan has been developing software for 15+ years, previously DevOps and data engineer at RadiusIntel, Citeline and Electronic Arts.

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