Esprezzo Advisor Q&A: Eileen Quenin

By Esprezzo Team on August 9, 2018

We're excited to introduce another member of Esprezzo's growing advisory board, Eileen Quenin. Eileen played a key role in bringing Dragonchain to where it is today and is a huge proponent of blockchain technology and the new business models it enables. With expertise in the UX and Information Architecture fields and experience at The Walt Disney Company, Amazon, GE Healthcare and LexisNexis, Eileen brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.

We recently sat down with Eileen for a Q&A so we could share some of her perspectives and experiences with you.

Read on to learn about her experiences with blockchain technology so far and what excites her about the future.

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Esprezzo Announces Partnership with Dragonchain

By Esprezzo Team on March 24, 2018


Dragonchain, Inc., an enterprise solution blockchain platform, recently announced its partnership with a San Francisco/Boston-based blockchain middleware company, Esprezzo.

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Esprezzo Advisor Q & A: Rob Dolci

By Esprezzo Team on January 31, 2018

The Esprezzo community continues to grow, and you can now add Aizoon USA Inc. President Rob Dolci to that community.

We are excited to announce the addition of Rob to the team, as he brings over 25 years of success in the manufacturing, processing, and technology industries. His experience lies in supporting companies seeking improvements in their manufacturing and distribution process via new technologies. And he is currently consulting companies on how to adopt blockchain to improve track and trace operations.

Read on to find out why Rob believes Esprezzo can enable new blockchain-based supply chain management solutions.

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Esprezzo: A Founding Story

By Remy Carpinito on December 13, 2017

Like many stories behind the founding of a venture, the main theme of Esprezzo's establishment is one of iteration. In our original effort to disrupt legacy student identity management using blockchain, we discovered a need in the developer community to make blockchain more accessible. My co-founder, Alan (AJ) Wilhelm, and I now have a proof of concept in development running against a version of Ethereum and a team of 7, but getting to this point was not a straight path. While the need for more accessible blockchain development tools drove the creation of Esprezzo, it’s worth going back to the beginning to understand that our team has always been forward thinking.

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