Event: MIT Enterprise Forum Startup Spotlight

by Kyle Clark on June 4, 2019

Interested in emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence? What about environment-focused technologies related to recycling or reducing carbon emissions? If so, the MIT Enterprise Forum Startup Spotlight is happening next week in Boston and you won’t want to miss it. We’re excited Esprezzo has been selected to participate! Here’s what to expect.

The MIT Enterprise Forum Startup Spotlight takes place next Wednesday, June 12th from 6:30pm - 9:30pm at District Hall in Boston’s Seaport Innovation District. Over 25 companies will be presenting product demos across a range of industries including foodtech, medical innovation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, cleantech and live streaming. Attendees can expect to play an integral role in the evening’s festivities by not only participating in company demos but also voting for their favorite startups in the following categories:

Most likely to succeed with both a purpose and a profit 
Awarded to the startup that has identified the impact they want to have on the world  – leading to profits and sustainable success.


Most likely to be a disruptor

Awarded to the startup that has the potential to significantly alter the way businesses or entire industries operate.


Most likely to win over a ‘crowd’

Awarded to the startup that has the most potential to raise big money from their customers/the crowd.


Most likely to actually make the hockey stick chart a reality

Everybody wants “hockey stick growth” but few are that lucky. This award will go to the startup that has the biggest potential to scale.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to network with some of the Boston innovation ecosystem’s leading Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. Firms represented include Keiretsu Forum, Castor Ventures, Bolt and Boston Harbor Angels.

What you can expect from Esprezzo:

We’ll be demoing two pieces of technology that were built using Esprezzo’s API and libraries: PerkleBot, a blockchain intelligence chatbot, and the Esprezzo Block Explorer. PerkleBot and the Block Explorer are just a few examples of what developers will be able to create with Esprezzo. We’ll show you how PerkleBot and the Block Explorer can be used to

  1. Look up blockchain network statistics
  2. Send crypto from one Discord user to another
  3. View transaction information
  4. Obtain Beta Fuel for our upcoming private beta

The first two tasks will be done using our internally-developed PerkleBot, which helps answer frequently asked questions and can perform blockchain-related activities. We’ll use the block explorer to verify and view the transaction on the Perkle blockchain, and finally we’ll use PerkleBot to interact with a smart contract, showing how users can send crypto to a smart contract and get something in return (in this case, Beta Fuel tokens that will be used to meter API calls during the private beta) — all by typing a simple command in Discord.

Other companies from the blockchain space we’re eager to meet and learn more about:


InvenTrust believes that massive leaps forward for humanity will occur when we all put our heads together. When the world’s best and brightest share their intellectual assets -- and get fairly compensated for doing so --  InvenTrust enables innovation to bubble up from every corner of the globe, creating a sustainable system for ongoing collaboration.

However, this system is only possible when the quality of assets and creators are verifiable, trusted and can be customized. InvenTrust has designed an intellectual property (IP) exchange that incentivizes code creators and code consumers to share and rate high quality software. Harnessing the power of blockchain and AI technologies, they’re introducing decentralized transparency to the IP world to connect inventors with investors and organizations, enabling new crowdfunding and monetization mechanisms.


Scintillating’s flagship product, Delphus, is a far more advanced scientific study management system powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Previously known as reBlock, Delphus aims to solve issues with data tamperability and the regulation of studies. Clinical and research studies serve to validate strategies, treatments, and devices to prove they are beneficial to humans. They open the pathway for innovation and an understanding of new diseases or methods. The company was started by four high school students and aims to cut down on the extreme costs of running scientific studies while improving transparency and security.

It’s not Blockchain but here’s something we can all get behind:


Magnomer has developed plastic packaging using novel magnetic markers for a zero waste design. Believe it or not, less than 6% of all polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles get recycled back into bottles and a big reason for that is their labeling. Typically, the label on your Gatorade or Coke bottle is made from a different type of plastic than the rest of the container which can contaminate the recycling process. Simply put, the bottle is not designed to be recycled in the first place. Magnomer hopes to change all of that.

Last year’s event had over 300 attendees and we hope to see you there this time around!

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