8 blockchain security monitoring tools you need

By Esprezzo Team on November 28, 2023

Web3 can be all fun and games, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you fall victim to scams or hacks. In 2023, nearly $1B in crypto assets have been lost or stolen through security exploits, with Q3 being reported as the quarter with the highest losses from security incidents, so far — a harsh reminder that securing your crypto assets is not something to be taken lightly. But, here's the good news: there are security practices and tools you can use to keep your crypto assets secure.

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Understanding NFTs: How to Research and Evaluate NFTs

By Esprezzo Team on October 18, 2022

NFTs have taken the world by storm — from shareable digital collectibles on Meta and Instagram, loyalty memberships at Starbucks, to an explosion of NFT-based fantasy sports games and platforms. Despite the ups and downs of the crypto and traditional markets, NFTs continue to evolve with new projects and collaborations being announced daily. With the enormous and ever-growing number of NFTs in this space, it can be difficult to decide which NFTs are worth investing in. In the first part of our Understanding NFTs series, we walked you through the basics. In this second part of Understanding NFTs, we’re going to show you how to research and evaluate NFTs.

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Understanding NFTs: The Basics

By Esprezzo Team on August 18, 2022

You might’ve heard of Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Goblintown, or Clone X. What do they have in common? These are all high volume NFT projects that have grown in popularity through community engagement, massive brand collaborations, and perceived value. NFTs have become a gateway to blockchains, crypto and the Web3 ecosystem for many creatives, brands, investors and collectors.

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Integrating Blockchain into Your Business? Good. Now Stop.

By Kyle Clark on July 24, 2019

Blockchain technology has been on your radar for some time. You’ve done your research, read the case studies and now you’re convinced that transitioning to a distributed ledger data management system is the right decision for your business. And you may be right! The current systems in place for managing business data are fragmented, vulnerable to fraud, and slow to detect falsification, whereas blockchain, a form of distributed ledger technology, can provide increased security, accountability, higher efficiencies and often times lower cost. 

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Event Recap: The Disruptive Power of Blockchain in Business

By Kyle Clark on April 19, 2019

This past Tuesday evening we held our latest blockchain education event, The Disruptive Power of Blockchain in Business, at General Assembly’s Boston campus. While our previous events covered introductory topics such as Blockchain 101 and An Introduction to Crypto Trading, this panel discussion focused on the real world business applications of blockchain technology that are impacting traditional business processes today. Not tomorrow, not five years from now, but today.

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Event: A Beginner's Guide to Crypto Trading

By Kyle Clark on November 19, 2018

We kicked off our partnership with General Assembly last month by hosting “Blockchain 101”, a panel-formatted introduction to blockchain technology. With over 180 people registered for the event, the evening was a great success. In planning our next blockchain education event, one of the most requested topics is cryptocurrencies, currently one of the most visible applications of blockchain technology. How is one cryptocurrency different from another? How is the value of a cryptocurrency determined? How do I purchase a cryptocurrency?

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Blockchain 101 Panel Recap: Now is the most exciting time to be alive!

By Kyle Clark on November 9, 2018

A few weeks ago we held our first educational event as part of our partnership with General Assembly (GA): Blockchain 101, a free two-hour panel at the GA campus here in Boston. This session focused on the history of blockchains, the technology that makes blockchains possible, and the impact blockchain technology will have on the world in the years to come.

With over 80 attendees, this Blockchain 101 event was one GA Boston’s most popular panels to date.

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Esprezzo and General Assembly Join Forces to Bring Blockchain Education to Boston and Beyond

By Esprezzo Team on October 1, 2018

We’re excited to announce today the partnership between Esprezzo and General Assembly (GA), a global leader in digital skills training, to provide blockchain technology education and training through a series of events. We’re kicking off this partnership with a free Blockchain 101 panel at the Boston General Assembly campus on October 11.

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Blockchain 101: A Free Panel Hosted by Esprezzo & General Assembly

By Esprezzo Team on September 20, 2018

If you’re interested in blockchain technology and are in the Boston area, we’d love for you to join Esprezzo and General Assembly for a free Blockchain 101 panel on October 11 at the General Assembly Boston campus.

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