Empowering women in Web3: Discovering crypto and sharing insights

By Esprezzo Team on March 6, 2024

Happy International Women’s Day! There are a lot of women in Web3 who are driving incredible change and making their mark. This year we reached out to some of these remarkable women to learn about how they got into Web3, the tools they rely on, and just general advice for getting into and thriving in Web3. Whether you’re crypto-curious or have been in the game since the early days, we bet you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom that resonate.

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Rebound Year? Unpacking the Promising 2024 Predictions for Web3

By Esprezzo Team on January 16, 2024

There’s a lot to unpack as we look back at 2023 and even more promise as we look ahead to a pivotal 2024. 2023 started in the depths of “Crypto Winter” but by the end we were seeing signs of a Bitcoin ETF, new EIP standards, protocol innovation and new Web3 consumer apps gaining traction. Starting 2024 with the Bitcoin ETF approval brings expected price action and staying power to the emerging industry. Consumer adoption across next-gen social applications, DeFi 2.0, Web3-enabled games, brand experiences and utility driven NFTs will be at the forefront of this next year of Web3 adoption.

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Fearless: Get to know Web3's most influential women

By Esprezzo Team on March 7, 2023

Happy International Women’s Day! 🌷

As we kick off Women’s History Month, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate and honor the remarkable achievements and contributions of some of the most influential women in Web3.

The NFT & crypto industry has been making significant strides in recent years with more women breaking into previously male-dominated positions, with influential figures like Meltem Demirors, Erika Wykes, and Linda Xie leading the charge. Encouraging more women to enter Web3 is vital as diversity brings a wider range of perspectives, ideas, and solutions that can drive growth and progress. By breaking down the barriers that have kept women out of this industry, we can create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

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