Rebound Year? Unpacking the Promising 2024 Predictions for Web3

By Esprezzo Team on January 16, 2024

There’s a lot to unpack as we look back at 2023 and even more promise as we look ahead to a pivotal 2024. 2023 started in the depths of “Crypto Winter” but by the end we were seeing signs of a Bitcoin ETF, new EIP standards, protocol innovation and new Web3 consumer apps gaining traction. Starting 2024 with the Bitcoin ETF approval brings expected price action and staying power to the emerging industry. Consumer adoption across next-gen social applications, DeFi 2.0, Web3-enabled games, brand experiences and utility driven NFTs will be at the forefront of this next year of Web3 adoption.

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8 blockchain security monitoring tools you need

By Esprezzo Team on November 28, 2023

Web3 can be all fun and games, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you fall victim to scams or hacks. In 2023, nearly $1B in crypto assets have been lost or stolen through security exploits, with Q3 being reported as the quarter with the highest losses from security incidents, so far — a harsh reminder that securing your crypto assets is not something to be taken lightly. But, here's the good news: there are security practices and tools you can use to keep your crypto assets secure.

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10 of the most interesting projects on Base

By Esprezzo Team on September 21, 2023

Base, the Ethereum Layer 2 network by Coinbase, has become a thriving hub of innovation and collaboration in Web3. In this blog, we'll take you on a journey through some of the most interesting projects building on Base. From social decentralized apps (dApps) to NFTs and action-packed games, these projects showcase the creativity of Web3 teams. So, let's dive in and explore the standout projects that have really caught our eye.

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Web3 gaming: The most interesting games you can play right now

By Esprezzo Team on August 31, 2023

Remember the simpler video game times when your hardest decision was between Mario and Sonic? Well, a change has hit the gaming universe, and it's all about the rise and hype of Web3 games. If you're scratching your head thinking, "Web-what?" – don’t worry, we've got you covered.

Topics: Trends , Gaming

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11 of the Most Interesting Membership NFTs

By Esprezzo Team on May 31, 2023

As the NFT market gets more and more crowded, utility and exclusivity are becoming increasingly important to draw buyers and collectors. Nowhere is that more evident than the rise of membership NFTs like PROOF Collective and LinksDAO.

While many of the blue chip NFTs that have dominated headlines — like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Doodles — grant holders' status (due to high cost) and access to exclusive experiences, in this trend report we’re going to walk through some of the most interesting membership NFTs that were created and purpose-built to provide holders with tangible membership benefits.

Topics: NFTs , Trends

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