2022 Recap: Web3 trends, launches and milestones

By Esprezzo Team on January 19, 2023

As we start another year, we’re looking back and reflecting on the events and accomplishments of 2022. The year was punctuated by ups and downs, but more importantly, 2022 was a time of growth and change.

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Esprezzo Partners with VybHouse for NFT Drop with Ricky Williams, Earl Campbell

By Esprezzo Team on August 31, 2021

We are excited today to announce the partnership between Esprezzo and VybHouse, a creative studio specializing in NFT design and 1-of-1 experiences that represent iconic moments from the lives of extraordinary humans.

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UniSpotter: Get new Uniswap token pair listings in Telegram

By Esprezzo Team on November 17, 2020

As the DeFi scene continues to heat up, so does the demand for instant information on new token pair listings (aka trading pairs, aka liquidity pools) on DEXes like Uniswap. That’s why we’re releasing a beta of UniSpotter, a Telegram bot that sends alerts when new token pairs are listed on Uniswap!

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XPZ: A Cross-Chain Asset

By Esprezzo Team on February 21, 2020

As we continue to prepare our smart contract integration product suite for beta testing and follow developments in the blockchain space, it’s becoming increasingly clear how important interoperability and token portability is going to be. That’s why we created XPZ, an experiment in building a sustainable and extensible cross-chain programmable asset.

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Esprezzo: A Founding Story

By Remy Carpinito on December 13, 2017

Like many stories behind the founding of a venture, the main theme of Esprezzo's establishment is one of iteration. In our original effort to disrupt legacy student identity management using blockchain, we discovered a need in the developer community to make blockchain more accessible. My co-founder, Alan (AJ) Wilhelm, and I now have a proof of concept in development running against a version of Ethereum and a team of 7, but getting to this point was not a straight path. While the need for more accessible blockchain development tools drove the creation of Esprezzo, it’s worth going back to the beginning to understand that our team has always been forward thinking.

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