From Clicks to Kicks: Dispatch Streamlines Endstate's NFT Sneaker Drops

by Esprezzo Team on December 15, 2023

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Endstate, a rapidly expanding apparel and technology brand, faced challenges in monitoring and capturing on-chain activity for their custom apparel NFT drops. Endstate’s rapid rise has included custom sneaker and apparel drops including collaborations with: NFL wide receiver DeVonta Smith, BAIT for Spiderman 2’s launch on the Sony Playstation 5, and most recently, Argentinian pop star Leli Hernandez. With each drop, Endstate works with their partners to design, manufacture, and create physical and digital experiences tailored to the partners' preferences. 


Emperium sneakers by Leli Hernandez and Endstate
Emperium sneakers by Leli Hernandez x Endstate
Endstate and BAIT drop for Marvel's Spiderman 2 launch on PS5

BAIT x Endstate NFT-enabled apparel for Marvel's PS5 Spiderman 2 launch 

Endstate sneaker design by David Filar
Endstate sneaker design by David Filar
Endstate and Devonta smith sneaker collaboration
Endstate sneaker drop with NFL Eagles' Wide Receiver Devonta Smith


The manual burden of NFT drop monitoring

As they’ve continued growing, the Endstate team found it increasingly challenging to monitor drops in real-time, forcing their development team to manually monitor smart contract events and function logs on block explorers to view drop performance. Once Endstate’s development team found a specific event on a block explorer, they needed to manually relay smart contract event data like forges or redemptions of specific colorways and shoe sizes across internal communication channels, inventory systems, and community channels.

Wanting to minimize errors, improve efficiency across the team, and recognize the need to free up bandwidth for the engineering team, Endstate decided to partner with Esprezzo to automate real-time monitoring of all drop activity using Dispatch.

Bennett Collen quote about Dispatch


Client Objectives:

  • Monitor NFT smart contract function and event activity in real-time
  • Automate internal notifications across private team channels
  • Increase community engagement during active drops
  • Provide a top-level view of drop performance


Solution: No-code automation for streamlined NFT drops with Dispatch

Endstate NFT claim monitor

An example of creating Endstate’s claim monitor with Dispatch

Phase 1: Adding new smart contracts to Dispatch


Adding BAIT x Endstate smart contract on Dispatch

Dispatch provides a quick and easy no-code interface that seamlessly allowed Endstate’s team to add upcoming drop NFT smart contracts in a few minutes. Once the smart contracts are added to Dispatch, the Endstate team can filter for specific events and functions that are most relevant to them; they create real-time alerts for relevant smart contract activity via Discord and email so that everyone on their team from marketing to manufacturing and fulfillment can keep track of drop progress.

This significantly reduced manual errors and faster cross-communication across the team, leaving more time for the engineering team and less time monitoring block explorers during each drop.

Phase 2: Create Discord bots

To address the constant desire to create transparency across the team and keep the community engaged, Dispatch enabled Endstate to create real-time Discord bots that automatically fire alerts when specified NFT smart contract event activity is found on-chain. The automated bots allow the Endstate team to know when items are claimed instantly on the respective blockchain. This not only provided the entire Endstate team peace of mind and faster insight into NFT drop activity but also provided the community an easy way to follow along and see other users receive their NFTs in real-time driving further momentum for each drop.

Phase 3: Drop performance retrospective

Dispatch provides a list of all smart contracts that any project team adds to their system providing glanceable insight and metrics across current and past drop performance. Creating a single view for Endstate’s engineering, marketing and founding team has allowed them to identify various trends in drop performance.

Endstate Esprezzo Dispatch smart contract activity monitoring on Dispatch

Endstate NFT smart contracts on Dispatch


From manual to automatic: Endstate’s real-time drop management with Dispatch

Matt Michaud quote about Dispatch

Operational efficiency: Endstate experienced a nearly 90% reduction in manual workload related to drop monitoring, inventory management updates, and community engagement related to real-time drop activity.

Cost savings: Using Dispatch resulted in cost savings due to reduced manual efforts for Endstate’s engineering team providing them additional bandwidth to work on new user-facing functionality.

Scalability: Dispatch provided a scalable solution, allowing Endstate to easily add additional automated smart contract bots to monitor pertinent activity as they continue to rapidly grow their business.


By using Dispatch, Endstate successfully streamlined their drop monitoring, internal communication, and community satisfaction. Beyond resolving immediate challenges, Dispatch was important in positioning Endstate for consistent growth in the rapidly growing brand experience landscape.


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