New: Caldera integrates Esprezzo's Dispatch to bring effortless alerting

by Esprezzo Team on June 11, 2024

We're excited to announce that Dispatch, our powerful Web3 alerting and automation platform, has joined Caldera’s appchain ecosystem. This integration brings no-code  smart contract and wallet monitoring to developers and projects building on Caldera's high-performance appchains. More than alerting, Dispatch can help teams discover product insights and potential malicious activity — automatically, and with just a few clicks.

Caldera's innovative Rollup-as-a-Service has made it simple for developers to launch customized, scalable blockchains. By adding Dispatch to their integrations list, Caldera has made it even easier and faster for dApps and projects within their ecosystem to leverage Dispatch, helping teams create more responsive and user-friendly applications. 

This partnership marks an important step in our mission to empower developers and teams to build faster and more intuitively. We look forward to seeing how Dispatch can help teams on Caldera ship faster and improve outcomes, and working with Caldera's ecosystem players to provide more value.

Introducing Dispatch: Your hub for Web3 alerts and automation

For those who are new, Dispatch is a platform designed to simplify the process of monitoring on-chain activities, making it accessible to everyone, not just developers. With Dispatch, you can set up alerts and automated workflows based on real-time crypto, DeFi, and NFT events, eliminating the need to manually refresh block explorers or build custom tools.

Our intuitive no-code interface is the easiest way  to get alerts for on-chain activity with just a few clicks, ensuring that business-critical data is delivered directly to your preferred channels, such as Telegram, Discord, email, and webhooks. 

So much more than blockchain notifications


Dispatch helps teams:

  • Gain valuable insights: Dispatch shows how your community and customers are interacting with your project
  • Respond to market dynamics: Make timely data-based decisions and strategy updates
  • Enhance security: Get alerted to potential security threats or malicious activity
  • Streamline team communication: Automatically keep team members in sync with real-time updates on business-critical on-chain activity
  • Visualize trends: Create internal dashboards and external leaderboards without SQL, creating compelling data visualizations for key metrics and performance indicators 

How can Dispatch help?

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Driving the future of Web3

This collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Esprezzo and Caldera. We're committed to working closely together to continuously enhance and expand our offerings, providing developers and teams with the tools they need. 

Whether you're a seasoned developer or a founder of a small team looking to optimize  your workflow, we invite you to experience Dispatch firsthand. 

Currently, Dispatch supports the following networks:

If you're building on or using one of these networks, you can start using Dispatch today; sign up for a free beta account.

Don't see your preferred network? Request support for networks here

If you're interested in programmatic access via API, we encourage you to join our waitlist

Esprezzo and Caldera: Empowering dApp development

Over the past several months, we've onboarded over 100 teams into the Dispatch beta, and their feedback has been invaluable in helping us refine and improve our platform. Now, through our partnership with Caldera, we're thrilled to extend the power of Dispatch to an even wider audience.

Every dApp in Caldera's ecosystem will have the opportunity to leverage Dispatch's robust alerting and automation features, empowering teams to unlock new business opportunities, drastically reduce development time, and drive user engagement.

To learn more about how Dispatch can help you, we encourage you to explore our docs and check out our customer stories

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Esprezzo Team

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