Esprezzo Raises $2M to Bring No-Code Automation to Crypto Investors, NFT Creators, Collectors and DeFi Users

by Esprezzo Team on March 24, 2021

Esprezzo, a no-code blockchain automation and data platform, has announced an oversubscribed $2 million investment round with participation from Mark Cuban, Arrington Capital, Longley Capital, Rarestone Capital, CMS Holdings, LongHash, Youbi, TBD Angels, Zag Capital and other leading investors.

Esprezzo is developing a suite of products including Dispatch, a no-code automation platform, and various blockchain intelligence tools to improve the lives of crypto enthusiasts, traders and developers. Dispatch provides a simple solution for creating automated notifications and workflows in response to on-chain data and smart contract events.

Crypto traders, beginners and developers face the same issue: getting data they want in a user-friendly format without needing to manually monitor multiple sources or learn blockchain-specific programming languages. Esprezzo’s flexible tools provide users the data they want when and where they need it, through point-and-click interfaces and easy-to-use APIs.


“We are thrilled to support Esprezzo as one of our first blockchain investments. Esprezzo is tackling some of the biggest problems facing crypto today: getting savvy crypto users the data they need to act quickly, and creating products that are easy and fun to use for everyone who is entering the space. Esprezzo is perfectly positioned to capture the vast potential of DeFi, NFT and the overall blockchain market.”

Mark Cuban, entrepreneur and investor

“Esprezzo is creating products that simplify blockchain for everyone. Whether it's traders looking to quickly respond to market events, or developers looking for high throughput blockchain data, Esprezzo is uniquely positioned to serve those audiences with their thoughtfully-designed products.”

Michael Arrington, crypto veteran and Founder of TechCrunch

"We've seen massive demand for the products we're building. Dispatch is capturing the attention of the fastest growing segment in crypto, the retail market, and it’s been great to see developers continuously requesting early access to our caching technology and API. We’re excited that this new round of funding will accelerate the pace of hiring, product development and allow us to onboard more users sooner.”

— Remy Carpinito, CEO & Co-founder of Esprezzo


Esprezzo’s blockchain intelligence APIs will provide developers direct access to on-chain and smart contract data powering the next generation of crypto products. To date, Esprezzo has delivered over 1 million notifications and is currently growing at 2x month over month through products including UniSpotter, a Telegram bot that delivers notifications about new Uniswap trading pairs. Dispatch is slated to release publicly later this year. 


About Esprezzo

Esprezzo's mission is to empower everyone to access and use blockchain data, whether to facilitate crypto trading, track NFTs, get DeFi intel or build next gen applications. Esprezzo's no-code blockchain automation platform and data tools help crypto traders, NFT creators and collectors, DeFi enthusiasts and developers realize the benefits of blockchain technology without needing to know protocol-specific programming languages.





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Esprezzo Team
Esprezzo Team

We're on a mission to make it easier and faster for anyone to use blockchain data to drive decisions and workflow automations. Whether you're a DeFi enthusiast, crypto trader or developer building revolutionary blockchain-based applications, we're here to help you bring your vision to reality.

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