UniSpotter: Get new Uniswap token pair listings in Telegram

by Esprezzo Team on November 17, 2020


As the DeFi scene continues to heat up, so does the demand for instant information on new token pair listings (aka trading pairs, aka liquidity pools) on DEXes like Uniswap. That’s why we’re releasing a beta of UniSpotter, a Telegram bot that sends alerts when new token pairs are listed on Uniswap!

August 2022 update:

UniSpotter has been retired for now, but with Dispatch you can easily create your own alerts for new markets on the following DEXs:

Dispatch beta access is currently by invite only; we're sending out our next round of invites soon!

Get a Dispatch invite

We recently announced Dispatch, a new product we’re working on that makes it super fast and easy to create blockchain data-driven automations ranging from simple notifications to more complex workflows. UniSpotter is a Telegram bot Esprezzo “dispatches” data to; it’s an example of something you’ll be able to build using Dispatch.

We’re excited to provide DeFi enthusiasts with the ability to receive notifications as new Uniswap listings are added. UniSpotter delivers timely alerts so you don’t have to continuously monitor Etherscan, multiple Telegram groups and Twitter accounts while getting a jump start on researching new token pairs.

There are a few ways to get new UniSwap token pair listing info from UniSpotter:

  1. Get private notifications by starting a private conversation with UniSpotter Bot
  2. See the newest listings by joining our UniSpotter Telegram channel

Note: Esprezzo is not affiliated with Uniswap and we are not providing any investing advice, simply relaying information. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions.

How to get UniSpotter

UniSpotter can send alerts just to you; start by clicking the button below:

Get UniSpotter for Telegram


📱 From the Telegram mobile app on your phone:

  1. Tap "Open" when asked if you want to open the page in Telegram
  2. Press the "START" button
    Screen shots showing how to get UniSpotter Telegram bot using Telegram iOS app


💻 From the Telegram desktop app:

  1. From  t.me/UniSpotterBot, press the “Open Telegram Desktop” button, which launches a chat in Telegram
    Screen shot showing how to get UniSpotter Telegram bot from Telegram web
  2. In Telegram, you should see a message from UniSpotter. Press “START”

Screen shot showing how to get UniSpotter Telegram bot using Telegram desktop app

If you want to receive private alerts in Telegram, you are all set! UniSpotter will send you a message every time a new token pair is listed on Uniswap.

What’s next

We’re starting with Uniswap listings in Telegram because we’ve heard from so many people wishing for a bot purpose-built to do just that. But Dispatch will do much more!

In addition to opening other messaging channels so you can get alerts wherever you spend the most time, you’ll be able to get automatic alerts or trigger automated workflows when 

  • Uniswap token pairs matching your liquidity requirements are listed
  • Address balances change
  • New transactions happen
  • New blocks are created
  • Transactions over a certain amount happen
  • Tokens are transferred
  • and more, based on customer and community feedback

If you’re interested in any of the above or are interested in building your own blockchain data-based automations, make sure you get on the invite list for Dispatch!



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