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by Esprezzo Team on November 21, 2023

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The wait is over — Arbitrum is now on Dispatch! This means it’s now easier than ever to get real-time alerts and data for activity on Arbitrum, whether you need smart contract activity or wallet monitoring. So far, teams have used Dispatch beta to keep an eye on potential security incidents, key gameplay events, on-chain betting activities, and track claimed and forged items, just to name a few use cases. And now we’re so excited to welcome those of you who are building or active on Arbitrum.

Why Arbitrum?

Arbitrum, an Ethereum L2 scaling solution, offers fast and affordable transactions. Home to notable projects like, Stargate Finance, tofuNFT, DragonMo by Mobox, the network hosts a growing, diverse ecosystem of over 500 dApps

Here’s a few reasons teams are building on Arbitrum: 

  • Speed: With significantly faster block times compared to Ethereum, Arbitrum may provide a better user experience (less waiting time for transactions to complete)
  • Cost-effective transactions: As with other L2s, Arbitrum offers lower gas and transaction costs compared to Ethereum 
  • Optimized scalability: Arbitrum uses Optimistic Rollups for efficient scaling, boosting transaction throughput, and reducing fees while also ensuring security through Ethereum's network 
  • Developer-friendly environment: Compatible with Ethereum's Virtual Machine (EVM), lowers the bar for developers who are already familiar with building in the EVM ecosystem and makes it easy for them to migrate from other EVM chains
  • Diverse ecosystem: With over 500 dApps spanning DeFi, gaming, social projects, and more, Arbitrum's ecosystem is dynamic and continually expanding 

Effortless Web3 automation with Dispatch

For those of you just joining us, Dispatch is a no-code platform for creating automated alerts and workflows. Like a Web3 version of Zapier, where you can use on-chain activity (smart contract event emissions and functions, and wallet activity) to trigger alerts or other automations. And you don’t need to be a developer or data scientist to use it.

Sample automations using smart contract activity as triggers

Sample Dispatch Triggers and Actions

And though you don’t have to be a developer to use Dispatch, developers are loving how much time and energy Dispatch is saving them. Instead of building internal smart contract alerting or monitoring tools, or frantically hitting the refresh button to monitor launches and drops on block explorers, they — or anyone on their team — can easily set up alerts using the friendly UI so they can spend their time and energy elsewhere.

In Dispatch, alerts and automations, or "Patches," fire when activity like balance changes or smart contract events match your conditions. Setup is straightforward — pick a Trigger and resulting Action, set your conditions, and wait for activity. Dispatch can help eliminate repetitive, manual tasks, and keep your team in sync so you can build and grow faster, and respond more quickly to changing market conditions.

Arbitrum smart contract events and functions

Selecting smart contract events and functions for alerts & automations

More than alerts

While you can use Dispatch to get alerts via Discord, Telegram, and email, you can also log and keep a record of smart contract and balance activity to Dispatch Monitor, or power dashboards and apps using webhooks.

You could…

  • Post in a dedicated security channel when your smart contracts emit unexpected events or unexpected functions are called
  • See a message in your team Telegram when rewards are claimed or quests are completed
  • Update a leaderboard with key gameplay events

Here are a few Patch templates to get you started:

Camelot smart contract Patch Dispatch Patch templates for Post TechDispatch Patch - Template
We’ve designed Dispatch to be easy to use; anyone can set up alerts or automations in seconds. We welcome the Arbitrum community and are excited to hear what you think.

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