Game changer: How Setoros monitored on-chain sports betting activity with Dispatch

by Esprezzo Team on January 16, 2024

Setoros, an on-chain Sportsbook faced challenges in monitoring and capturing on-chain betting activity for their decentralized sportsbook built on Coinbase’s new blockchain, Base. Setoros has rapidly expanded support for numerous sports including the NFL, UFC, and the Premier League. While rapidly adding new sports leagues is necessary for their users, it challenged their engineering team to maintain insights into growing betting activity across their protocol.


Manual smart contract monitoring bottleneck causing slower innovation
Keeping eyes on all of Setoros’ on-chain activity became challenging for their early engineering team. Manually monitoring smart contract data took time away from advancing platform features and improving user experience. Many early Web3 teams would find this familiar – stretched development bandwidth, fragmented data spread across several smart contracts requiring custom tooling to monitor, analyze, and relay pertinent data to internal channels and end users.  

Setoros needed help reducing repetitive smart contract data lookup and consolidating real-time visibility so their engineers could focus top priority on core product features and user growth. Relieving the monitoring burden while retaining observability into key betting transactions would enable faster reactions to platform usage shifts and the ability to stay ahead of security events. More importantly, it would accelerate the development of user-facing features to deepen user engagement and protocol loyalty.

 The team needed amplification on both fronts – consolidated visibility and rapid innovation. With Dispatch, Setoros found an ideal solution to automate real-time monitoring of all their on-chain sports betting activity through Dispatch’s on-demand smart contract event and function monitor.


Client Objectives:

  • Monitor betting activity across several smart contracts in real-time
  • Free up engineering bandwidth so they can focus on feature iterations and product advancements
  • Enable faster responses to changes in their smart contract activity
  • Facilitate seamless information flows between project activity across their team, external community members, and partners

Solution: Automated data flows and alerts for on-chain sports betting activity with Dispatch

An example of creating Setoros’ betting activity monitor with Dispatch: 


Phase 1: Adding Setoros’ smart contract to Dispatch

Adding Setoros' smart contract to Dispatch

Dispatch provided a simple no-code interface for Setoros to link their sports betting smart contracts in minutes. Once they’ve added their smart contracts to Dispatch, they configure alerts triggered by key events like placed bets, added pools, whenever odds are updated, and more.

Real-time notifications route to appropriate internal team and external community channels, keeping all stakeholders informed when significant betting activities and milestones occur on-chain.

Phase 2: Create Discord Bots

To enhance community engagement and team productivity, Setoros leveraged Dispatch to build automated Discord bots that fire alerts in real-time when key events occur across their smart contracts. Instant notifications enable Setoros to coordinate and react faster as bets come in, while their public channels allow their fans to stay updated and excited about placed bets. By closing the loop between activity visibility and community engagement, Setoros builds transparency and awareness that drives lasting platform adoption with both users and team members.

Phase 3: Automated smart contract data tracking

By automatically gathering data from Setoros’ smart contracts in specific Discord channels, Dispatch empowered Setoros to focus on platform improvements and adjustments most impactful for their community. No longer weighed down by manual data tracking, Setoros can focus on what matters most for their business – building the next generation of social betting experiences.



Unlocking bandwidth: Setoros engineers' journey to time and cost efficiency


Engineering efficiency: Setoros saved countless development hours previously spent manually tracking contracts. Dispatch delivered the visibility that their team needed to scale the business.

Platform control: Real-time monitoring and alerting enhanced oversight of betting volumes, liquidity, and more to optimize protocol configurations.

Time and cost savings: Setoros engineers regained over x hours per week previously spent on manual smart contract data tracking, which resulted in cost savings by providing the team more bandwidth to focus on growing their sportsbook.


Like any fast-moving Web3 protocol, Setoros’ vision of advancing decentralized sports betting keeps them firmly heads-down building for features for their community. As protocols continue to grow, it gets naturally harder for smaller teams like Setoros to keep up with all the activity happening on-chain.

There’s growing ambition to keep adding new features and sports leagues to stay ahead of the game, but that means even more smart contracts and data to keep tabs on. Without Dispatch’s help, critical information could slip through the cracks.

By implementing Dispatch, Setoros freed their engineers from manual data lookups, boosted visibility into on-chain activity across their sports betting contracts, and easily kept their contract security on lock. Being able to overcome these hurdles makes it easier for them to grow in their sector and capitalize on market adoption.

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