Igor Baldyga

Igor Baldyga
Igor is a Blockchain Strategist at Esprezzo. As an early adopter of Bitcoin, Igor has gained deep expertise in investing, trading and specializing in all things crypto and blockchain. Prior to Esprezzo, Igor worked at Harvard University where he served in various management leadership roles running multi-million dollar operations.
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How to Use Perkle with Vintage MyEtherWallet

By Igor Baldyga on February 22, 2019

UPDATE: This guide provides instructions for Vintage MEW, which was killed by MEW in October 2019. Find the guide for the new MEW here!

In recent weeks, we have received many requests for help setting up a Perkle (PRKL) wallet using MyEtherWallet (MEW). It is a great addition to the Command Line wallet and the Perkle wallet for Discord that you can use via our PerkleBot.

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State of the Blockchain Developer Job Market & What it Can Tell Us

By Igor Baldyga on February 14, 2019

In December LinkedIn published their 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report and unsurprisingly (to us at least) “Blockchain Developer” was listed as the number one emerging occupation in the United States with a staggering 33x growth in 2018 alone. While this news is encouraging for anyone involved in the blockchain ecosystem, it doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. In fact, it creates more questions than answers: What industries are hiring blockchain developers? Where, exactly, are these jobs? How large are the organizations hiring? What skills does a blockchain developer need to have? And what are the most popular protocols?

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