Kyle Kesses

Kyle Kesses
Kyle Kesses is a writer and full-stack media producer. In 2016 he hosted and co-wrote an Emmy-winning documentary series for the New York Yankees. Two of his documentary-style podcasts have won awards at The New York Press Club’s annual gala. In 2017 he co-founded an AR/VR studio in Brooklyn and directed an international VR simulcast live from Ramallah and Tel Aviv on New Year’s Eve 2019. Later that year, he helped produce a 360-film that qualified for the Cannes Film Festival. Kyle has been investing in DeFi and consulting on a select group of Web3 projects since the start of 2021.
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Consensus 2022: Builders, Hodlers, Crypto Bulls Converge

By Kyle Kesses on June 15, 2022

A line of demarcation has been forming in the world of cryptocurrency. On one side, speculators and gamblers play the markets only for profit. The tone of their social media posts fluctuates, jubilant when prices soar and fearful when they fall. On the other side is a group of technologists, entrepreneurs, and pragmatic believers. They recognize that while a financial renaissance may be within reach, it won’t be achieved without a sustained and collective effort for years to come. The second group is the one that showed up in droves this weekend.

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