Remy Carpinito

Remy Carpinito
Remy is Esprezzo's Co-Founder and CEO. Prior to Esprezzo, Remy co-founded CampusTap, a private networking and alumni mentoring platform serving students and alumni within 50+ universities across the United States.
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Esprezzo: A Founding Story

By Remy Carpinito on December 13, 2017

Like many stories behind the founding of a venture, the main theme of Esprezzo's establishment is one of iteration. In our original effort to disrupt legacy student identity management using blockchain, we discovered a need in the developer community to make blockchain more accessible. My co-founder, Alan (AJ) Wilhelm, and I now have a proof of concept in development running against a version of Ethereum and a team of 7, but getting to this point was not a straight path. While the need for more accessible blockchain development tools drove the creation of Esprezzo, it’s worth going back to the beginning to understand that our team has always been forward thinking.

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