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by Esprezzo Team on December 7, 2023

As the demand for user-friendly Web3 tools increases, it's crucial to have solutions that seamlessly operate across diverse networks. That's why we're thrilled to share that Dispatch beta now supports Optimism, a cost-effective Layer 2 (L2) network boasting over 180 dApps and counting.

Dispatch is built to save teams time, reduce engineering headaches, and expedite time-to-market. With Dispatch's user-friendly interface, crafting automations and data streams for Optimism dApps, games, and other Web3 experiences is now easier than ever.

Why Optimism?

Activity on Optimism has been growing, and last month former president of Polygon Labs Ryan Watt joined the team to lead growth. Popular projects including Uniswap V3, Galxe, and Manifold have launched on the L2.

As with all updates we prioritize, there is demand and excitement around Optimism and the projects being built on it. Here are some reasons projects are choosing to build on Optimism, and communities might be bullish about it:

  • Faster and cheaper transactions: Optimism, like other L2s, makes faster and cheaper transactions possible, providing users with a smoother experience, saving them money, and making on-chain activities more accessible and efficient for everyone.
  • EVM compatibility: Being compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Optimism means it’s easy and fast for developers from the Ethereum ecosystem to build on the network.
  • "Superchain" Thesis: Optimism's Superchain concept is a vision aiming to merge Optimism Mainnet with other chains, forming “a single unified network of OP Chains” for scalability, lower costs for devs and users, faster development, and better user experience.
With Dispatch, you can easily use on-chain activities like smart contract event emissions, function calls, and wallet changes, to trigger alerts or automated workflows to yourself, your teams, and communities.
Here are some examples of use cases:
  • Quest updates: Post in a dedicated Discord channel when a game or social quest starts or ends
  • NFT analytics: Update an internal dashboard to keep track of forges or redemptions of NFTs/collectibles by colorway, size, or membership tier
  • Security: Post in a dedicated Telegram channel when contract ownership or admin are updated
  • Wallet monitoring: Send emails to the team when OP balance in the team wallet falls below 10
  • Gaming: Update a game leaderboard
  • NFT minting: Post in a dedicated Discord channel when NFTs are revealed or minted

While there are other solutions geared towards developers (Solidity and/or SQL experience required), Dispatch is designed to be easy for anyone to get up and running in minutes — no code required.

It makes it easy for both devs and non-devs to automate reporting, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual processes like repeatedly checking and refreshing block explorers. This helps you save valuable time and resources so you can concentrate on growing your business and accelerate your time to market.

How does it work?

In Dispatch, we call automations "Patches." These Patches can send alerts or perform automated tasks. You decide what on-chain activity you want to use as automation Triggers (balance changes, specific smart contract event emissions or function calls, etc.), and what you want to happen when your Trigger conditions are met.


Sample Dispatch Triggers and Actions


Patches automatically “fire” (i.e. take your desired Action) when specific events are emitted or functions are called, such as ownership changes or transfers, and only if the conditions you've set are met. Plus, you can power your dashboards and leaderboards in a few clicks with webhooks, expanding its utility beyond simple alerts.

Speed things up even more with templates

Patch templates are preconfigured, editable automation, or alert blueprints. All you have to do is click on one and customize it to your needs.

A peek at some templates for popular Optimism projects:

 Dispatch Patch templates for Manifold MarketplaceDispatch Patch template for FarcasterDispatch Patch template for Uniswap V3

Explore more templates


How Dispatch can help

Enhance security measures

Notify your team’s security channel promptly when unexpected events or functions occur in your smart contracts. This ensures swift action against potential threats.

Facilitate team communication

Foster effective communication within your team by receiving Telegram messages for specific and important events, such as inventory updates and token swaps.

Optimize supply chain processes

Automate alerts for inventory updates, ensuring your team is promptly informed when stock levels change or specific items are restocked. This enhances overall supply chain efficiency.

Engage gaming communities

Keep your NFT and gaming communities engaged by updating Discord channels and Leaderboards whenever key gameplay events occur. This creates excitement within your community.

Monitor token activity

Stay informed about token movements and changes in ownership by configuring alerts for specific token-related events. This keeps your team updated on important token activities.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with Dispatch—the possibilities are endless. Ready to get started? Request a free beta account.


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