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by Esprezzo Team on July 10, 2024
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Exiled Racers, a leader in the play-and-earn space, provides players with a blend of dynamic racing gameplay and strategic prediction markets. Built on the Moonbeam network, Exiled Racers offers a unique gameplay experience. Players wield algorithmic NFT Race Passes, each granting access to randomly assigned weekly pilot, racecraft, and booster game assets. These passes dynamically update with realtime race data and unlock the chance to compete for top spots on the leaderboard, earning rewards along the way.

Exiled Racers' commitment to innovation extends beyond gameplay. To reach a wider audience and explore the possibilities of a different blockchain environment, they partnered with Axelar and Base for their NFT Race Pass launch for the Base Racing League. This move reflects their dedication to continuous growth within the Web3 gaming space, constantly seeking new ways to engage players and push the boundaries of gaming experiences.

Exiled Racers NFT Race Pass. Source: Exiled Racers


As excitement built for the NFT Race Pass launch, Exiled Racers' surging player base brought new challenges to the forefront:

Resource-intensive monitoring:

  • Slow cross-chain transactions (up to 30 minutes) made manual tracking of NFT Race Pass mints a time drain, hindering core game development.
  • Core game enhancements and management tasks were delayed
  • Focus on developing new features, fixing bugs, and refining player experience was compromised

Scalability concerns:

  • Increasing volume of Race Pass mints strained manual monitoring capabilities
  • Efficient handling of demand fluctuations became challenging without an automated solution

Team coordination:

  • Keeping all team members promptly informed about new Race Pass mints and related events grew difficult
  • Communication gaps emerged, potentially impacting the overall drop experience

Data visibility gap: 

  • Lack of real-time insights into Race Pass minting patterns and trends
  • Limited ability to make data-driven decisions in real-time
“Dispatch was a vital part of our recent release of interchain race passes. Each NFT mint can take up to thirty minutes to complete cross chain and monitoring with Dispatch was able to make it easy for us to keep track of token IDs and failed transactions.”
Founder, Exiled Racers

These challenges highlighted the urgent need for an efficient, automated solution to monitor Race Pass minting activities, ensure team-wide visibility, and free up valuable development resources for future game improvements.

Base Racing League Dashboard

Exiled Racers’ Base Racing League dashboard


Client objectives: 

Enhance monitoring of NFT Race Pass minting:

  • Gain real-time visibility into all minting activities
  • Receive instant alerts for new mints and significant events

Optimize resource allocation:

  • Free up engineering bandwidth by automating smart contract tracking
  • Accelerate game development by reducing manual monitoring tasks

Improve team communication:

  • Ensure all team members are promptly informed about new Race Pass mints
  • Maintain consistent internal updates on important game events and metrics

Scale effectively:

  • Establish a robust monitoring system capable of handling increasing player numbers and transaction volumes
  • Ensure consistent performance as the game grows in popularity

Conor Daly Exiled Racers and Esprezzo

Exiled Racers Founder Sumeet Patel, American motorsports racing driver Conor Daly,
and Esprezzo founder Remy Carpinito at Consensus 2024

Solution: Automating NFT mint monitoring with Dispatch

Steps to create nft mint monitor

The process of creating Exiled Racers’ NFT minting monitor with Dispatch

Exiled Racers needed a solution to streamline the NFT minting process, improve team communication, and free up developer resources for continued innovation.

Phase 1: Connecting Exiled Racers' smart contract to Dispatch

Dispatch's user-friendly, no-code interface allowed Exiled Racers to link their NFT Race Pass smart contracts in minutes. Once connected, they quickly configured alerts triggered by key events such as new pass mints and transfers.

Sumeet Patel, Founder of Exiled Racers, highlights the time-saving benefits of Dispatch:

“Knowing that we would be using Dispatch to monitor contracts saved us countless development hours and helped keep all of our stakeholders in the loop”.

Phase 2: Configuring automated alerts for NFT minting

To improve team communication and coordination, Exiled Racers used Dispatch to create Telegram bots that automatically notify their team when important events occur on-chain. These real-time alerts inform the team about new Race Pass mints, transfers, and other critical activities, ensuring all team members are up-to-date with the latest activity.

Phase 3: Gaining real-time insights into NFT minting activity

Dispatch provided Exiled Racers with an easy way to monitor Race Pass minting activity across their game. This includes tracking the number of passes minted, transfer patterns, and minting trends. These insights into key metrics helped the team make data-driven decisions to improve game balance, adjust minting strategies, and optimize inventory management. 

Phase 4: Syncing Exiled Racers smart contract & database via webhook

Exiled Racers recognized the value of real-time data analysis for deeper insights beyond simple monitoring. Dispatch webhooks provided a powerful solution for integrating this functionality. Leveraging webhooks, the Exiled Racers engineering team established an automated, real-time data flow. This data flow captured and processed JSON payloads triggered by relevant smart contract events, specifically focusing on Race Pass minting activity.

Sumeet Patel on using Dispatch webhooks to track user's Token IDs cross chain

Results: Streamlined operations and data-driven decisions

By implementing Dispatch, Exiled Racers achieved significant improvements in managing their NFT Race Pass minting activity:

Enhanced communication & visibility: Dispatch automated alerts sent directly to the team's Dashboard and channels. This ensured all team members were promptly informed about important minting events and trends, eliminating the need for manual monitoring and fostering a more collaborative environment.

Freed up development resources: Automated alerts and the elimination of manual event tracking freed up valuable developer time. This allowed the team to focus their energy on core game development, such as enhancing key features, fixing bugs, and refining the overall player experience for players.

Deeper insights & data-driven decisions: Real-time alerts, data streams, and dashboards offered granular insights into Race Pass minting and transfer activity without the need for custom code.

Empowered collaboration & future-proof monitoring: Dispatch's alerts ensured everyone on the Exiled Racers team was in the loop with real-time updates. This streamlined communication lays the groundwork for future success, enabling swift responses and informed decisions as they roll out new mints and tournaments.

“The automated alert system has helped both our technical and business units within the team. On the business side, instead of having to ask for the latest numbers, the alert system is able to supply the team with metrics in real time. From a technical standpoint, having an alert when a transaction failed has helped to rally the team around solving problems faster.”
Founder, Exiled Racers


Exiled Racers' strategic use of Dispatch has been a game-changer. Automating the time-consuming task of monitoring NFT Race Pass activity freed up valuable developer resources, allowing them to focus on what truly matters: crafting new features, refining gameplay, and creating an immersive player experience.

Exiled Racers CEO Ben on how Dispatch helped their team save time from contract creation to completion of their NFT mint.

Looking ahead, the Exiled Racers and Dispatch partnership promises continued success. As Exiled Racers expands their offerings across new networks and develops next-generation gaming experiences, Dispatch remains a key partner. Dispatch's automation and alerting capabilities are perfectly suited for Exiled Racers' evolving needs for streamlined workflows, real-time data, and clear communication – all crucial ingredients for continued growth and innovation.

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