Perkle: Year 1 Update

By Alan W on October 21, 2019

We started the Perkle Network 1 year ago today as the layer 1 foundation on which to build the greater Esprezzo ecosystem. This is true in a technical and community-oriented sense: the act of building and growing a decentralized network through cooperation of miners, developers and community participation is at the core of the emerging culture of our business. While we embarked on this a year ago today, it was by no means the beginning of Esprezzo.

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Devcon 5: A Curated Guide + Helpful Resources

By Jialin Luh on October 5, 2019

Devcon5 is upon us and coincides with Japan Blockchain Week — happening now! We’re sad not to be attending, but for those of you in Osaka for the annual Ethereum gathering, here is a curated list of events, talks and workshops that we would love to attend if we were there. There’s a great mix of programming for developers, researchers, infrastructure operators and more. As a UX Designer I was excited to see several product design and user experience-oriented talks.

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Interview: Dan Shields on how the blockchain scene has changed, what's next

By Austen Appleby on September 27, 2019

Dan Shields is one of the most enthusiastic blockchain advocates and community builders we've met; in addition to co-founding and organizing Denver's popular weekly blockchain meetup, being an instrumental organizer of ETHDenver and ETHBoston, Dan has been an active builder of the Denver and global blockchain communities for the last two years. His popular meetup fosters creative thought and insight reminiscent of the Homebrew Computer Club and his startup Aproflow aims to revolutionize the way bright young students enter the workforce.

Topics: Research & Analysis

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Integrating Blockchain into Your Business? Good. Now Stop.

By Kyle Clark on July 24, 2019

Blockchain technology has been on your radar for some time. You’ve done your research, read the case studies and now you’re convinced that transitioning to a distributed ledger data management system is the right decision for your business. And you may be right! The current systems in place for managing business data are fragmented, vulnerable to fraud, and slow to detect falsification, whereas blockchain, a form of distributed ledger technology, can provide increased security, accountability, higher efficiencies and often times lower cost. 

Topics: Blockchain 101 , Education

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Blockchain Myths vs. Reality

By Esprezzo Team on June 25, 2019

Blockchain is becoming mainstream. For many in the crypto community, this acceptance is long overdue. However, as with any new emerging technology or industry (e.g. artificial intelligence or marijuana legalization) there remains a fair share of skeptics; those who are comfortable with the status quo and are quick to point out flaws in the system, opportunities for misuse, and the potential for the already disenfranchised to be further taken advantage of. For those of you who are cautiously optimistic and want to learn more about blockchain, we want to debunk some of the popular myths for you.

Topics: Research & Analysis , Blockchain 101

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PerkleBot: Our Discord Bot Now Interacts with Smart Contracts

By Jialin Luh on June 14, 2019

We’ve added some new capabilities to PerkleBot, our blockchain-integrated Discord bot built using Discord’s API and Esprezzo middleware libraries. Now in addition to tipping, creating and managing Discord crypto wallets and getting up-to-date network stats, Esprezzo community members can interact with tokens and smart contracts on the Perkle blockchain without leaving Discord. At the same time this update is also helping us test the underlying code connecting the Perkle blockchain to the Esprezzo Network.

Topics: Product Updates , Perkle

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Event: MIT Enterprise Forum Startup Spotlight

By Kyle Clark on June 4, 2019

Interested in emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence? What about environment-focused technologies related to recycling or reducing carbon emissions? If so, the MIT Enterprise Forum Startup Spotlight is happening next week in Boston and you won’t want to miss it. We’re excited Esprezzo has been selected to participate! Here’s what to expect.

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20+ Ways Finance and Banking are Driving Blockchain Adoption

By Esprezzo Team on May 10, 2019

By now, you’d be hard pressed to name an industry that hasn’t begun exploring the potential of blockchain technology. Increased transparency, reduced transaction costs, faster settlements, user control over data and true network decentralization — the benefits could revolutionize many industries. With cryptocurrency being the most mainstream application of blockchain technology, it may not come as a surprise that the banking and finance industry seems to be leading the way in adoption.

Topics: Research & Analysis

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Event Recap: The Disruptive Power of Blockchain in Business

By Kyle Clark on April 19, 2019

This past Tuesday evening we held our latest blockchain education event, The Disruptive Power of Blockchain in Business, at General Assembly’s Boston campus. While our previous events covered introductory topics such as Blockchain 101 and An Introduction to Crypto Trading, this panel discussion focused on the real world business applications of blockchain technology that are impacting traditional business processes today. Not tomorrow, not five years from now, but today.

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Product Preview: STO Manager Application Template

By Esprezzo Team on April 12, 2019

One of our primary goals at Esprezzo is to create tools that make it less complex and time-consuming to create and manage modern web and decentralized apps. For developers, this often means getting common boilerplate code and services out of the way by relying on tested and proven implementations of things like authentication, user accounts, application structure, compiler/transpiler pipelines etc. There are tools attempting to solve these problems to various degrees by offering web frameworks with plugins, or completely serverless backend solutions that replace the database and server-side app layer with a REST API.

Topics: Product Updates

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