Event: MIT Enterprise Forum Startup Spotlight

By Kyle Clark on June 4, 2019

Interested in emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence? What about environment-focused technologies related to recycling or reducing carbon emissions? If so, the MIT Enterprise Forum Startup Spotlight is happening next week in Boston and you won’t want to miss it. We’re excited Esprezzo has been selected to participate! Here’s what to expect.

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Bring Your DApp To Life: Join Esprezzo’s Private Beta!

By Esprezzo Team on May 22, 2019

Are you a front end developer that is fluent in Javascript and REST APIs, and has an idea for a decentralized application (DApp)? Have you been wanting to learn how to get your idea off the ground and add blockchain-related development to your arsenal? If so, we’re looking for you! We’re looking for first movers who want to experiment with building apps that interact with blockchains to join the Esprezzo private beta.

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20+ Ways Finance and Banking are Driving Blockchain Adoption

By Esprezzo Team on May 10, 2019

By now, you’d be hard pressed to name an industry that hasn’t begun exploring the potential of blockchain technology. Increased transparency, reduced transaction costs, faster settlements, user control over data and true network decentralization — the benefits could revolutionize many industries. With cryptocurrency being the most mainstream application of blockchain technology, it may not come as a surprise that the banking and finance industry seems to be leading the way in adoption.

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Event Recap: The Disruptive Power of Blockchain in Business

By Kyle Clark on April 19, 2019

This past Tuesday evening we held our latest blockchain education event, The Disruptive Power of Blockchain in Business, at General Assembly’s Boston campus. While our previous events covered introductory topics such as Blockchain 101 and An Introduction to Crypto Trading, this panel discussion focused on the real world business applications of blockchain technology that are impacting traditional business processes today. Not tomorrow, not five years from now, but today.

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Product Preview: STO Manager Application Template

By Esprezzo Team on April 12, 2019

One of our primary goals at Esprezzo is to create tools that make it less complex and time-consuming to create and manage modern web and decentralized apps. For developers, this often means getting common boilerplate code and services out of the way by relying on tested and proven implementations of things like authentication, user accounts, application structure, compiler/transpiler pipelines etc. There are tools attempting to solve these problems to various degrees by offering web frameworks with plugins, or completely serverless backend solutions that replace the database and server-side app layer with a REST API.

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Perkle (PRKL) listing on STEX

By Esprezzo Team on April 3, 2019

Update: PRKL was listed on STEX April 4! Since then, it's also been added to portfolio trackers Blockfolio and Delta.

As we continue building out our product suite for developers and organizations, demand for Perkle is growing, as it is an important component of the Esprezzo ecosystem. As such, we want to increase the security of the platform and make it as easy as possible for developers to build on. Not every developer is able to mine the coins needed to deploy a smart contract, and miners who help secure the network need a quick and easy way to liquidate their holdings. The obvious solution to both those problems is an exchange listing. Providing liquidity to the network will attract new miners and as a result make Perkle a more robust and safe network to build and transact on. And so we’re pleased to announce an exchange listing for Perkle! Starting April 4, you will be able to trade PRKL on STEX.

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Event: The Disruptive Power of Blockchain in Business

By Kyle Clark on April 2, 2019

Our next General Assembly event is only two weeks away! Join us for The Disruptive Power of Blockchain in Business, where you'll hear industry experts in healthcare, supply chain, banking and IT talk about how blockchain technology is already transforming their businesses and what they expect to happen next.

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Blockchain Developer Job Market Insights from a Blockchain Talent Acquisition Consultant

By Kyle Clark on March 28, 2019

This is Part 2 of a series on the blockchain developer job market.

In Part 1, we presented high level findings from our research on blockchain developer jobs as a result of surveying major U.S. recruiting sites. We were inspired to conduct our own research after seeing “Blockchain Developer” listed as the number one emerging occupation in LinkedIn’s 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report. Quite a few people responded to Part 1 with insights and experience, and we’re excited to share insights from one of them here.

David Gadd consults with organizations regarding talent acquisition — specifically, helping them grow their in-house Blockchain teams. David didn’t agree with all our conclusions (it wouldn’t be very interesting if he did) so we reached out to have a conversation around what he’s been seeing, and are excited to report back to you with another perspective from an industry insider with their ear to the street.

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Meet Esprezzo at Upcoming Events in New England

By Esprezzo Team on March 15, 2019

If you’re in the New England area, come learn about blockchain technology and Esprezzo at these upcoming events:

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The official Esprezzo Block Explorer is live!

By Jialin Luh on March 5, 2019

Today we’re excited to announce the initial release of the official Esprezzo Block Explorer! If you’re unfamiliar with the function, use case or “raison d’être” of a block explorer, it’s essentially a web application that makes it easy to view, search, and “explore” data and activity on one or more blockchains.

Block explorers are useful for checking the status of transactions, as well as just poking around a blockchain to learn more about how it is structured and what data it contains, but more importantly, a block explorer is an essential tool for blockchain-related software development. Whether creating a new decentralized application (DApp) or integrating blockchain data into an existing product, a well-designed block explorer can increase developer happiness and productivity by allowing them to more conveniently monitor the real-time metrics, activity, and status of blocks, transactions and other on-chain data.

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