11 of the Most Interesting Membership NFTs

By Esprezzo Team on May 31, 2023

As the NFT market gets more and more crowded, utility and exclusivity are becoming increasingly important to draw buyers and collectors. Nowhere is that more evident than the rise of membership NFTs like PROOF Collective and LinksDAO.

While many of the blue chip NFTs that have dominated headlines — like Bored Ape Yacht Club and Doodles — grant holders' status (due to high cost) and access to exclusive experiences, in this trend report we’re going to walk through some of the most interesting membership NFTs that were created and purpose-built to provide holders with tangible membership benefits.

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Web3 Mavericks: Exiled Racers on Creating Fun Games with Better Onboarding

By Esprezzo Team on May 20, 2023

Welcome to the second episode of Web3 Mavericks, where we share insights from leaders and teams building innovative products and services in gaming, NFTs, and phygital experiences.

In this episode, we chat with Sumeet Patel, the Founder and Head of Product at Exiled Racers, a futuristic NFT racing game. Before starting Exiled Racers, Sumeet contributed to the development of the algorithm behind FICO’s Risk Score and was one of LinkedIn’s early data science team hires.

Topics: Web3 Mavericks

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NFT.NYC 2023: The Hunt for Valuable Web3 Experiences Continues

By Esprezzo Team on April 19, 2023

NFT.NYC 2023 may not have boasted the same wild energy as previous years, but the Web3 community is still going strong.

With the spotlight now on authentic artists and builders, the focus has shifted from pump-and-dump schemes to more substantial projects that redefine the Web3 landscape. The community has become the beating heart of the Web3 world. So, let's dive into the most noteworthy highlights and trends from NFT.NYC 2023, showcasing the conference's standout moments and ideas.

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Web3 Mavericks: Bringing unparalleled experiences to fans with Endstate

By Esprezzo Team on April 11, 2023

Welcome to our Web3 Mavericks series, where we bring you insights from leaders and teams building some of the most innovative products and services in gaming, NFTs, and phygital experiences.

In our first episode, we talk with Bennett Collen, the Co-Founder and CEO of lifestyle brand Endstate about creating unique and memorable fan experiences at the intersection of physical and digital with NFTs.

In our conversation, Bennett talks about how Endstate is using sneakers and NFTs to connect fans to their passions in a unique and memorable way, as well as how the company is tackling the challenges of building a phygital lifestyle brand in Web3.

We had a great time chatting with Bennett and we're thrilled to share the video and transcript with you, so you can learn more about Endstate's journey and vision for the future of fan engagement in Web3.

Topics: Web3 Mavericks

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Let’s Get Phygital: Announcing Our Panel at NFT.NYC

By Esprezzo Team on April 4, 2023
We’re excited to announce that our CEO Remy Carpinito will be speaking at NFT.NYC 2023 on the panel “Phygital Experiences, Connected Fashion, and the Future of Brand Engagement” on Thursday, April 13 at 5:35 PM Eastern. Joining Remy will be Will Etheridge, Francine Ballard, Ashumi Sanghvi.

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GDC 2023 recap: Thrilling new worlds in gaming

By Esprezzo Team on March 31, 2023

Source: Game Developers Conference

The 2023 Game Developers Conference (GDC) brought over 24,000 attendees to San Francisco last week, leaving an unforgettable mark on the gaming industry with thrilling announcements, ambitious projects, and groundbreaking trends. As gaming continues to evolve, developers are harnessing the power of AI, blockchain tech, and immersive experiences to redefine what’s possible.

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ETHDenver 2023: Insights & Trends

By Esprezzo Team on March 14, 2023
ETHDenver opening ceremony. Courtesy of ETHDenver

The Web3 community convened in full force at ETHDenver 2023, a conference that brought together 20,000+ attendees and some of the brightest minds in the industry. The event, held in Denver, Colorado from February 24th to March 5th, provided a platform for numerous projects and teams to showcase their innovative solutions and discuss the future of crypto, NFTs, and other related topics. We were excited to be able to attend again this year; here are some of our takeaways from the conference and surrounding events.

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Fearless: Get to know Web3's most influential women

By Esprezzo Team on March 7, 2023

Happy International Women’s Day! 🌷

As we kick off Women’s History Month, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate and honor the remarkable achievements and contributions of some of the most influential women in Web3.

The NFT & crypto industry has been making significant strides in recent years with more women breaking into previously male-dominated positions, with influential figures like Meltem Demirors, Erika Wykes, and Linda Xie leading the charge. Encouraging more women to enter Web3 is vital as diversity brings a wider range of perspectives, ideas, and solutions that can drive growth and progress. By breaking down the barriers that have kept women out of this industry, we can create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Topics: Web3

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Introducing webhooks: React to Web3 events in real-time

By Jialin L on February 24, 2023

Whether you’re building NFTs, games, or other dApps, getting  on-chain event data to your team and community in real-time  can be difficult and consume valuable development resources. Imagine being able to set up Web3 event streams that deliver updates and data to your team and community as they happen, without having to manually check smart contracts, marketplaces, and other services. That’s what Dispatch webhooks delivers!

Topics: Product updates

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2022 Recap: Web3 trends, launches and milestones

By Esprezzo Team on January 19, 2023

As we start another year, we’re looking back and reflecting on the events and accomplishments of 2022. The year was punctuated by ups and downs, but more importantly, 2022 was a time of growth and change.

Topics: News , Research & analysis

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